Inclusion & Connections

A Program for Businesses, Nonprofits and Government Agencies

Inclusion & Connections in the workplace merges Listening for a Change‘s mission of “promoting understanding and acceptance of human diversity” and the need for employees to learn active listening skills to interact more effectively within their own work culture and with clients, customers and patients served.

Listening for a Change teaches attentive listening skills and cultural awareness through a wide variety of interactive activities. Self examination and acknowledgement of cultural assumptions is one aspect as well as a focus on active listening that includes body language, tone of voice, open-ended questions, follow-up questions, and much more. Becoming an active, respectful listener is a valuable tool in the workplace as well as in the personal and community life of employees.

Crossing Boundaries: As participants spend time interacting with each other and discovering similarities and differences, they gain a broader outlook and valuable insight into how others see and approach work situations. In the process, participants become aware of their own assumptions, thereby helping them communicate more consciously and effectively.

Listening for a Change intentionally cross integrates participants and encourages managers and employees to do the same when forming task forces, staff meetings, project teams, trainings, or conferences. This offers the staff opportunity to build common ground and breaks down barriers among groups and individuals.

Listening for a Change provides two, four or eight-hour workshops. See our Inclusion & Connections fee schedule and our Inclusion & Connections brochure for more information.

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Photos from a workshop with Oliver’s Market
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