Listening for a Change is creating a documentary film titled Firestorm Climate Awakening.  Please take about 6 minutes to view our preview.  We are seeking support to complete this film.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Donate via Paypal or write a check (preferred) to Listening for a Change and mail to 4908 Sonoma Highway, Suite B, Santa Rosa, CA 95409.


History & Healing after the Fires

Listening for a Change created video interviews of Sonoma County residents who lost their homes during the devastating firestorms of October, 2017. These pieces were shown at the Art Museum of Sonoma County exhibit which ran October 6th, 2018 through January 27th, 2019.

This is an ongoing project. Listening for a Change is reaching out to households to hear multiple voices from varying geographic fire-destroyed areas as well as differing demographics. The firestorms burned over 5200 homes in Sonoma County with an additional 1200 other structures including businesses, barns, etc.  Twenty-four people died in Sonoma County in what was the most destructive fire in California or United States history.

It is important to share one’s story to promote healing and for those receiving the gift of story to begin to understand what our neighbors have gone through and how they have been affected. Together, with better understanding, we will be able to work more effectively to rebuild our devastated community. 


New Documentary Film—Firestorm Climate Awakenings

Listening for a Change has embarked on the making of a documentary film that will include voices of people affected by the firestorms as well as climate scientists who will help us understand how and why firestorms are now occurring and what can be done to prevent them.  Your donation will help support this ongoing work.

Jewish Community Center of Sonoma County’s Firestorm Video History Project

This was a collaborative effort with the Jewish Community Center of Sonoma County. To view interviews, go to

Orozco household

Gearinger household

Henderson household

Pardo household

Weare household

Carlin-Rosset household

Weil-Mollard household

Bell-McClendon household

Sheth household

Phillips household

Deputy Sheriff Dave Thompson

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