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Neighborhood Listening Project
In the 2011-2012 school year, Listening for a Change trained students in oral history and active listening skills at Roseland University Prep, Piner High School, Healdsburg Junior High School, and Cloverdale High School.

After in-depth training sessions for a minimum of six hours, panels of three to five students interview community members chosen by the students. Listening for a Change records each hour-long interview with professional video cameras provided by the Santa Rosa Community Media Center. Our staff video editor collaborates with students to distill significant insights into five- to fifteen-minute videos. All edited videos are in the process of being translated into Spanish or English; translations will be posted as they are completed on the white half-screen next to the image of the interviewee. These videos are also shared through public access television, school assemblies, and other websites upon request.

Through the process of story, questioning, and reflection, students dispel the notions of otherness and lay a foundation for eliminating bullying and violence. Hearing the experiences, advice, and wisdom of interviewees, students gain new insight and options for transformative change and empowerment. The Neighborhood Listening Project thus effectively integrates equity and social justice studies into existing school curricula.

Roseland University Prep:
Starting in February 2012, Listening for a Change implemented the Neighborhood Listening Project in all four tenth-grade AVID (Advancing Via Individual Determination) classes.

Piner High School:
From January of 2012, Listening for a Change collaborated with Michael Doucette and his Drama students to create an innovative arts program integrating oral history and drama.

Cloverdale High School:
In the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 school years, Listening for a Change worked with two classes, a ninth-grade Language Arts class and an eleventh/twelfth-grade English Language Learners Class.

Healdsburg Junior High School:
Since 2009, Healdsburg students in two AVID classes have been engaged in the Neighborhood Listening Project, fostering active listening skills and diversity awareness.


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Participating High Schools
Select a high school below to watch the student interviews.

And download information on how to bring the Neighborhood Listening Project to your school.

Cloverdale High School

RUP High School

Piner High School

Healdsburg Junior High School


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